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How to Clean AC Filter?

How to Clean AC Filter

AC or Air Conditioner is a valuable appliance. It keeps you comfortable in the hot summer months so that you can work without sweating all over your body. However, an AC filter is one of those things that we often ignore. Not many people know how to clean AC filters easily.

It may lead to several problems including allergies, bad smell etc. That’s why it becomes essential for every user to know how to clean AC filter perfectly. Keep reading, and we will tell you some easy techniques to clean an air conditioner filter.

What is An Air Conditioner Filter?

An Air conditioner filter is a filter that helps in trapping contaminants while allowing clean air to pass through it. Usually, you can find two filters in an AC, one at the outdoor unit and the other inside your indoor unit.

If you have just purchased a new air conditioner, it will come with a pre-installed air filter that is usually of high quality. However, if you have had your air conditioner for a more extended period, the AC might have a worn-out air filter by now.

Why Should You Clean Your Air Filter?

Over time, as your AC runs, dust and debris accumulate on the filter mesh. It can lead to several problems, including allergies and a bad smell. Also, if this dirt gets into your air conditioner system, it will cause corrosion in your AC, which seriously affects its performance.

Moreover, you must clean the air filter at least twice a month for effective results and notice the difference during the cooling season.

It’s not just enough to keep checking whether there is any dirt on the filter or not. It would be best to take care of it by cleaning it so that it works well all year round and doesn’t create too much pressure on your pockets due to repairs and replacements.

How To Clean An Air Conditioner Filter?

You can clean the AC filter on your own or can get it cleaned from the ac service. However, there are some easy methods that you can use to clean the AC filter on your own.

Turn off your AC system

Turning off the air conditioner guarantees that you’re not letting dirty air and dust circulate through your home while you clean the filter.

Remove the filter

Some AC can have many filters, so make sure you check all vents.

Start vacuuming the filter

Firstly you should use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to groom off all dust and debris. Use the hose attachment to vacuum all sides of your filter. After cleaning it using a vacuum, you can use a cloth to wipe all sides of the filter.

Wash the filter

You can wash most air filters. First of all, you should place your filter in a container filled with warm water and liquid dishwashing soap. Then let it soak for about an hour or two before rinsing the AC filter under running water. Avoid using a pressurized cleaner to clean your air conditioner filter.

Use an air compressor if the filter is filthy

If your AC filter is too dirty, then you can use an air compressor for this step. Be sure to follow the airflow direction on the filter and let it dry before returning it to its place.

Install back the filter

Once it dries completely, put the filter back in its place. You can do this with most filters using your hands only, so there is no need to use a tool.

What are The Benefits of Having Clean AC Filters?

How to clean aircon filters | Ice Blast Air Conditioning

There are some great benefits of having clean AC filters, such as:

Keep out dust and dirt

It is one of the most important benefits. A dirty AC filter will let dust, debris and dirt inside your system, which can cause severe damage. It will also affect the performance of your AC, so it’s better to clean filters regularly.

Work At optimal efficiency

A clean AC filter will let your system work at its optimal efficiency. The components in your AC are well protected because no dust or dirt can reach them to cause corrosion.

Reduce energy consumption

A clean filter saves energy as well as reduces your electricity bill. It will keep the cooling coils of your AC free from dirt and debris, which means that more airflow can go through them rather than getting trapped in dirty filters.

Improve indoor air quality

It might sound weird, but a clean filter improves the quality of air inside your home because it removes pollen and other contaminants you can’t see with naked eyes. Also, if you have pets and kids at home, this is one of the most important benefits for them as they suffer from allergies and respiratory problems easily when dust accumulates in AC filters.

Can You Get Sick With A Dirty AC Filter?

Yes, you can get sick with a dirty AC filter. It is one of the most common problems people face while having an AC installed in their homes.

Dust and dirt from filters will circulate through your home when your AC runs and can badly affect your health by promoting respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Also, it is not just your health that you should worry about, as a dirty AC filter can damage the components of your AC as well. When dirt, debris, and dust accumulates in coils, it can restrict airflow, leading to poor cooling. It will wear out the components of your AC system, which will lead to more costly repairs and replacements.

How Often Must You Clean The AC Filter?

It’s better to clean AC filters at least twice a month because it will keep debris and dust away from your system. However, you can set up a schedule for filter cleaning according to your needs. It’s always best to consult an air conditioning service company or HVAC technician as they know the exact condition of your system and the frequency of filter cleaning.

How to Clean AC Filter – Conclusion

Cleaning air conditioner filters is not that difficult. You need to invest some time in this task and keep your system well protected from dust, dirt and debris, which can cause severe damage.

Keep your filters clean to enjoy the optimum performance of your AC system. It will keep the air inside your home at its purest levels which is good for your health.

If you are looking for professional help in cleaning AC filters, try getting in touch with a local HVAC service company. They will provide you with great deals on filter cleaning.